Las Vegas Creative Painting February 29-March 4 ,2016  Tropicana Hotel

Classroom Teachers Priscilla Hauser MDA,  Doxie Keller TDA, Linda Sharp CDA

Deco Art Fabric paints, Ink Effects,  Textures, Chalky Paint, Multi Surface Satins and Gloss Enamel Pens, Americana Acrylics, New Deco Art products, Fluid Acrylics, Mixed Media products, Lustre Creme and more

American Quilt Society Paducah, KY  April 18-23, 2016 Paducah, KY

Quilts designs available, Deco Art So-Soft Fabric Paints, free Make It and Take It fun  Try it you will love it

Society of Decorative Painters  June 6-11, 2016  San Diego, CA

Designs by all Turtle Hollow Artists,  Deco Art So-Soft Fabric Paints, Deco Art Textures, Deco Art Metallic Lustre Creams, Deco Art Ink Effects, Deco Art Chalky Paints, Multi Surface Acrylics, Mixed Media Acrylics,Americana Acrylics,  Gloss Enamel Pens and Other Painting Supplies

  • Designs by Carolyn Bacon,  Debb Bonnewell CDA, Priscilla Hauser MDA, Darla Foreman, Cindy Forsythe MDA, Doxie Keller TDA,  Linda McDonald,  Linda Sharp CDA, Janette Ward




Heart of Ohio Tole HOOT August 8-13, 2016 Columbus, Ohio

  • booth participants- Carolyn Bacon, Debb Bonnewell CDA, Priscilla Hauser MDA, Darla Foreman, Doxie Keller TDA,  Linda Sharp CDA,  Janette Ward.
  • In the booth you will find  Deco Art Textures and So-Soft paints, Americana Acrylics, Mixed Media, Fluid Acrylics, Lustre Cremes, Supplies, paint saver kits and designs from all the artists, and much more

OKC Painting Palooza  September 26-October 1, 2016 Oklahoma City

Participating teachers; Debbie Bonnewell, Carolyn Bacon, Doxie Keller, Priscilla Hauser, Darla Foreman, Linda Sharp

All the Deco Art paints, textures, Lustre Cremes, Pattern designs, stencils and much more.

Birth of a Painting Palooza sponsored by Bear With Us, Rol Publications, Turtle Hollow

More information to come  see website

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