New for Doxie’s seminar

Doxie will be adding instructions and hands-on information as to how to use the Deco Art new Chalky paints, waxes and varnishes.

You will also be able to paint on Fabric if you would like to design your own shirt with many of Doxie’s designs and So-Soft fabric paints provided.

Bring one or more pieces to paint and join the fun.

Seminar will be in Oklahoma City, April 4, 5, 6, 2014.  Don’t miss out!  Lunches, snacks, drinks, paints, designs and instructions all provided.  Checks details on the website on the HOME page.  Hope to see you there.

Design your own Chair or other Furniture pieces

You don’t have to paint a chair.  You can design your own creations with many designs by Doxie Keller at a Small Furniture piece workshop APRIL 4, 5, 6, 2014  Oklahoma City.   All paints provided, Deco Art Multi-Surface Satins Acrylics.  Luggage, Lamps, bowls, bench, stool, even a bread box or magazine rack.  Consider designing a new shirt from Doxie’s designs.  So-Soft fabric paint will also be provided.  Three days of fun and fellowship.  All snacks, drinks and lunches provided.  Register on the website.

Mix and match design from a huge select.  Doxie will also share information about the new Deco Art Chalky paint.  Hope to see you in the Spring

Doxie Keller Seminar

April 4, 5, 6, 2014  Doxie is traveling to Oklahoma City for a Small Furniture Workshop.  She is bring lots of designs to mix and match for you to put together and create masterpieces.  Bring one or more pieces to paint, such as, chair, table, trunk, lamp, luggage, bread box, bench, stool, etc.

Paint will be Deco Art Multi-Surface Satins.  Paint will be furnished as well as snacks, drinks, lunches.

Doxie will also provide a fun new product Demonstration that you just might want to use.

Don’t miss out, register on the website for a weekend of fun and painting.

Fall is here

Just want to say “HI”  Fall has arrived and color is filling the trees and our beautiful country side.  There are a few new design on the website and more coming very soon.

Wanted to remind you that this is the last few months for Maureen McNaughton to travel teaching outside of Canada, so if she is coming near you, don’t miss out.  Maureen, Thanks for all the education and designs you have provided for us and we look forward to new ones in the future.

Visit the website for our 2014 schedule and new designs.  Hope to see you soon

More OKC Storms

Well it has happened again, more storms in the OKC metro area.  Again we are all safe Janette’s family had some damage but every member of the family is safe.  During the storm many people were stranded on her street she took in more than 20 strangers for safety.  Her youngest son took in about 45 strangers.  A small tornado took the roof of her elder son’s home but family was safe as they were at Janette’s home.  Again, we are all safe as we all have cellars.  Thank you so much for all your thoughts and emails.  Hopefully we will not have more severe weather.  Hope you have a great summer with lots of color on your surfaces and not in the clouds.

Oklahoma City tornado

FYI   Janette and her family and I and my family are all fine.  Janette’s farm was spared by less than a mile and all the children, grandchildren and great grand children are safe.  I know many of you have heard of the storm and many have text, emailed and left messages.  We do appreciate your thoughts and concerns.  Many of our friends have damage and I hope you remember them in your prayers.  My family lives on the north side of Oklahoma City and Janette’s on the south side in Moore.  We are ALL safe and healthy.  Thank you so much for your concerns.  Traveling home from Chicago yesterday, Janette and I stopped at Priscilla Hauser’s home during the bad storms and Doxie’s flight was averted to Tulsa rather than Wichita but she and 3 others from SDP staff arrived home safely by bus.  It is Spring and those of us who live in the plains states understand spring storms.  Again, we are all well and Thank you for thinking of us.

E-Packets new to Website

The website has a new category, E-Packets.  There are 16 designs ready for you to purchase and download immediately.  Most of designs are from Priscilla Hauser and others.  View the designs today and enjoy painting minutes later.

Maureen Teaching her Last Seminar in OKC

Many of you know Maureen McNaughton is retiring from travel teaching the end of the year.  July 26,27,28 will be her last seminar in Oklahoma City.

The projects are wonderful.  Don’t miss out.  Register today on the website, all four photos are presented on the website under Seminars or Maureen McNaughton  Check them out.  All new designs just designed by Maureen

4 projects presented in 3 days but you may only paint 3 projects.  Written instructions and photos for all four will be provided as well as paint, lunches, drinks, snacks, and hotel provides Breakfast.  We do have limited space so don’t miss out.

Fun, Fun, Fun Lets give Maureen a great retirement party.  Come paint with us.


The Society Annual Conference is almost here and we will pack the trailer and off we will go to St. Charles, IL.  May 13 is day one and Janette and I will be teaching one session of the 5K event that evening.  Letting you play with Deco Art’s new Ink Effects.  You will be able to paint with the Inks and get a feel for how nice they are.  You must remember the Ink Effects are for Synthetic Fabric such as Polyester or Nylon.  Drop by the booth and see hat you can do with Inks and So-Softs.  Both available on the website.

Gift Certificates

Having trouble deciding on a gift for a friend or family member?  Turtle Hollow will help you with gift giving.  We now offer a gift certificate, redeemable with any items on the website, including Seminars and Cupcakes and Canvas painting. Click on Gift Certificates in the left menu and you will see all the details on how to purchase.  We Hope your Holidays are bright with color and fun.  Painting Christmas one stroke at a time, we Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.